Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation in a Colorado Springs House

A vacant property in Colorado Springs suffered massive mold infestations in various parts of the structure. Pictured is a small section of the fungi destroying ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Colorado Springs

Storm damage at this Colorado Springs home that was undergoing a major remodeling job left a great deal of standing water throughout the house. SERVPRO of North... READ MORE

Laminated Flooring Gets Wet

This laminated flooring in a dental office in Colorado Springs was covered with water that soaked into the joints overnight. The management company was concerne... READ MORE

Colorado Springs Fire Damaged Commercial Building

Lightning struck the roof of this commercial structure in Colorado Springs and ignited it. After the firefighters had extinguished the flames, we arrived and st... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Detectors False Alarm in a Hotel

The dust on the carpeting of this corridor in a hotel in Colorado Springs was the result of a false alarm. The fire suppressing powder had no where to go since ... READ MORE

Mold in Colorado Springs Crawl Space

This crawl space was damp from moisture retention. There were poor ventilation and the humidity led to a proliferation of various species of mold. We contained ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Affects Rooms in Colorado Springs

The storm breached the roof, and a large quantity of rainwater ruined the ceiling and drywall in this Colorado Springs home. Our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Sp... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Colorado Springs

Commercial water damage was suffered at this office facility in Colorado Springs when thunderous storms passed through the area. Over 30,000 square feet of offi... READ MORE

Water Damage – Colorado Springs Hotel

Water damage at the pictured Colorado Springs Hotel was caused when a fire sprinkler system failed overnight. An enormous quantity of water spilled onto the bar... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Colorado Springs Kitchen

Fire Damage at this Colorado Springs home started when a grease fire broke out on the kitchen stove. Grease fires are accompanied by an extensive amount of smok... READ MORE