Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Spreading and Damaging Materials in Monument

The moisture in this vacant property in the Monument area nourished dormant mold spores to badly damage the carpet, baseboards, and the lower level of the walls... READ MORE

Electric blanket causes house fire in the Springs

For many people, there is nothing quite like the comfort of an electric blanket on a frigid winter night. If you hate the feeling of sliding into icy sheets at ... READ MORE

Slow leak leads to mold problems

A property manager called us out to a local apartment complex when a tenant was reporting water staining on his bedroom ceiling.  After we opened the ceili... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Colorado Springs Home

Fire damage at this Colorado Springs home was ignited by a grease fire on the stove top in the kitchen. The subsequent fire that erupted in the kitchen burnt th... READ MORE

Downed Tree in Colorado Springs Post Storm

Not all storm-damage is water related. When a two-ton section of a tree lands on a framed structure, whether in Colorado Springs or somewhere else, the destruct... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Colorado Springs Kitchen

Mold damage significantly damaged this Colorado Springs Kitchen. A window had been seeping water into the kitchen area which fostered the mold growth. The cabin... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Colorado Springs Home

Fire damage destroyed this Colorado Springs home. SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs – Tri-Lakes was asked to provide a comprehensive fire and water dam... READ MORE

Monsoon rain floods Manitou Springs Crawlspace

Back in August when the Pike's Peak region was inundated with afternoon rainstorms, a customer of ours in Manitou Springs got a nasty surprise in her crawlspace... READ MORE

Colorado Springs Flooded Facility

The torrential rains deposited hundreds of gallons of water in this back service area of a fabricating plant in Colorado Springs. The contaminated water was ext... READ MORE

Storm Damage in A Palmer Lake Home

A storm left this Palmer Lake residential home with a substantial amount of water damage. Our SERVPRO crew scoped out the affected area and came up with a resto... READ MORE