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We Can Limit Further Damage To Your Colorado Springs Home After A Fire

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Can Limit Further Damage To Your Colorado Springs Home After A Fire If a fire has destroyed your home, call SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 for help.

Prevent Further Fire Damage To Your Colorado Springs Home By Using Fire Damage Emergency Services

A flame in your home can turn into a major fire within minutes. Even after extinguishing the fire successfully, smoke can cause secondary damage to the house’s structure and furnishings. Timing is crucial when dealing with the aftermath of a fire because the destruction can be worse if you do not act speedily. Fire damage emergency services can prevent further destruction to your property and minimize claims expense.

Several variables can determine the severity of the fire damage in your Colorado Springs residence, including temperatures, type of burned household materials, and building materials. Apart from burnt materials and heat devastation, there could be water damage resulting from fire extinguishing efforts and the need to identify leaks from ruined plumbing or appliances.

A fire can also ruin the roof, walls, windows or doors of your property, leaving it vulnerable to vandalism, break-ins or further damage from weather or lack of structural integrity. SERVPRO franchise professionals offer fire damage emergency services, which include boarding up a building. We can use plywood to board up and seal off any missing windows, doors, or walls, and tarps to cover a ruined roof.

We can also take care of dangerous situations like electrical hazards. If there’s no power in your house, we can use power generators and flashlights to establish emergency lighting. Our technicians can also check for loss of structural integrity in the structural components of your house like roof trusses and floor joists. We can also perform water mitigation to remove the water that fire extinguishing efforts introduced into your home using equipment like:

• Pumps to remove the water.

• Air movers will increase the rate of evaporation.

• Dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air.

• Moisture meters to check for moisture content in materials.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also prepare your house for you to remain in it. For instance, if the fire has damaged only a small part of the property, we can seal off the affected area. We can also use equipment like ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers and hydroxyl generators to deodorize your property to eliminate strong odors. Our fire damage emergency services prevent further destruction until the restoration process can start. We can address your immediate concerns and then take steps to restore your house and its contents to their preloss state.

If a fire has destroyed your home, call SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 for help. We can arrive at your house within an hour of receiving your call and develop a plan for restoring it. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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When Soot Causes Damage To Your Colorado Springs Coffee Shop You Need The Professionals At SERVPRO

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial When Soot Causes Damage To Your Colorado Springs Coffee Shop You Need The Professionals At SERVPRO Give our experts a call anytime you need us at (719) 434-4626.

Restoring Soot Damage In A Colorado Springs Coffee Shop

Smoke residue and soot can be two of the most devastating effects of fire loss incidents in any Colorado Springs property. When even small fire flare-ups occur in your coffee shop, you might think that the few affected areas with soot only require soap and water, and a little elbow grease, to remove. Unfortunately, addressing these situations on your own can lead to irreparable damage and staining of vital components to your business. The ideal solution is to allow these effects to get removed successfully by trained professionals like our fire loss recovery team.

Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive experience with the recovery of fire damage to Colorado Springs businesses, and we can mitigate loss and remove the presence of soot and smoke residues quickly when we arrive at your building. Our professionals understand the importance of getting your facility up and running again as fast as possible, and with an open floor plan common to coffee shops, it can be challenging to restore these effects while allowing the business to function as normal. Instead, our professionals can work around the clock to get mitigation and cleaning phases completed so that your doors can reopen as promptly as possible.

When it comes to removing soot damages from surfaces like the tabletops and counters of the main dining area of the coffee shop, traditional cleaning efforts and scrubbing can lead to staining and marring of these materials that is impossible to reverse or restore. Our SERVPRO team has advanced solutions like chemical sponges and industrial-grade cleansers and products that can safely remove this sediment entirely. This cleaning process can reduce the need for any tear out and reconstruction, reducing the time your business stays closed even more.

Soot and smoke residues can be a hazardous situation for those unprepared to combat these effects. Our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes professionals have advanced products and equipment to effectively remove these damages and get you back to business as usual. Give our experts a call anytime you need us at (719) 434-4626.

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We Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Colorado Springs Home After A Flooding Disaster

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage We Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Colorado Springs Home After A Flooding Disaster After flood damage we began to extract water from this home. We successfully saved the hardwood flooring and restored the home right away.

Water Main Breaks That Flood Colorado Springs Homes

Harsh winters are nothing new to the Colorado Springs area residents, though many can still find themselves on the unfortunate end of a cold snap that can damage plumbing or other elements like it. Even with the water main through your street getting buried beneath the understood frost line, shifting in the ground can still move the main too much and allow it to crack or split. While there is little that a homeowner can do in these situations to help, the thousands of gallons of lost water now on the surface pose a threat to nearby properties.

While these scenarios do not come with the same ramifications and obstacles as black water flood damage for your Colorado Springs home, there are still many ways that this high volume of water can significantly damage to your property. If you have a lower-lying residence in the immediate area, you can be contending with a steady flow of powerful water until utility and municipal employees arrive to shut off this portion of the line with isolation valves.

As you might expect, the best defense is a good offense for combatting these effects of continual flooding. Our SERVPRO team arrives with a powerful truck-mounted pump capable of removing excess water at a rate of 300 psi. While this often does not rival the ferocity of an exposed water line, it can help to keep the situation from spreading flood damage farther throughout the house.

With clean water scenarios like this, the objective for our SERVPRO professionals is to protect what structural elements and construction materials we can. We have advanced drying solutions, and when employed quickly, many of these approaches can preserve original materials which can save you time and money on the restoration work your property requires.

While you cannot predict the compromise of a water main outside of your home, you can trust in the right professionals to help you overcome the effects inside. Give our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes team a call anytime disaster strikes at (719) 434-4626.

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Water Removal Is Required After A Fire In Your Colorado Springs Home

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Water Removal Is Required After A Fire In Your Colorado Springs Home Call us at (719) 434-4626 after the firefighters’ exit for fast, compassionate, and professional fire damage relief.

Why Water Removal Is An Issue After Fire Damage In Colorado Springs

During the aftermath of a blaze in your Colorado Springs home, it is typical to feel extremely overwhelmed by the extent of the damage. Charred building materials, melted plastics, and sooty coatings on all surfaces are concerning but somewhat expected. What you might not anticipate is the large quantity of water and fire extinguisher chemicals that needs clean up before our crew can address the fire residue. Engaging our services ensures that water removal and drying occurs quickly and efficiently, following local regulations and restoration best practices.

Fire damage to your Colorado Springs dwelling requires immediate attention. Our crew of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)- trained technicians hold multiple certifications, allowing smooth transitions as we move from water damage remediation to the many other tasks needed to make the disaster “Like it never even happened.”

The SERVPRO team concentrates on water removal and structural drying at the beginning of a fire damage project to promote safety and prevent the deterioration water can inflict on most building materials. Mold damage is also a concern as microbial growth is a significant risk if moisture persists beyond 24 to 48 hours. Slip and fall accidents and exposure to hidden debris in the fire-fighting water are common, and electrical shock or gas leakage is a possibility when water remains.

Our signature green SERVPRO service vehicles hold all the water removal equipment, tools, and products needed to complete this essential phase of the remediation. If utilities are unavailable, our crews use gas-powered pumps and truck mounted extractors to move the water out. High-efficiency air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers quickly finish the water evacuation, readying the structure for the soot, smoke, and odor clean up to follow.

Our full-spectrum disaster services are why SERVPRO delivers excellent results. We are proud of earning standing as one of the restoration industry leaders in our community. We both live and work alongside our customers in the region, supporting our commitment to being Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Let SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes help take the stress out of recovering from a residential fire. Call us at (719) 434-4626 after the firefighters’ exit for fast, compassionate, and professional fire damage relief.

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SERVPRO fights hunger with Care and Share

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

Community SERVPRO fights hunger with Care and Share Bring non-perishable food donations to Overdrive Raceway and dozens of other locations across the community to help SERVPRO fight hunger in Colorado.

As we approach summer in Southern Colorado we recognize that it can be a difficult time for families who lose access to vital school food. The community turns to organizations such as Care and Share to help fill the void and provide reliable access to nutrition for hungry families.

SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs and SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes are teaming up with Care and Share to host a Care Drive in the month of June. Starting on June 3rd through June 20th you can drop off any donations of non-perishable food items to either SERVPRO location as well as at several distribution boxes across the community.

To see a list of locations visit the event on Facebook.

We will continue to post updates as more businesses join us in collecting food. According to Care and Share when the school year ends and summer begins as many as 45,000 kids across Southern Colorado may be unsure of where their meals will come from.

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If you would like to help us by allowing your business to serve as a collection site please contact our marketing department.

Chris Rizzuto 719-220-0589 or

We will bring a collection box to your business and pick it up once the drive ends or it fills up!

You can also bring donations directly to our franchise locations:

SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes:  1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd. #111-161

SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs: 5660 Parachute Circle  

Drives like this one help maintain the supply of food for the community but it is not the only way Care and Share reaches families. This summer they will continue to utilize summer mobile food pantries which are weekly or bi-weekly food distributions of fresh food in a farmers market style. They also offer free snacks and meals to kids at designated meal sites throughout the community.

Where There's Water Damage There's A Chance For Mold Growth In Your Colorado Springs Home

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Where There's Water Damage There's A Chance For Mold Growth In Your Colorado Springs Home Prevent permanent property harm, contact SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 today.

How Water Damage Can Promote Microbial Growth In Your Colorado Springs Property

Over time, water can stagnate, causing unpleasant smells as well as damaging the infrastructure of your home. Insulation, carpet pads, and interior fabrics are at high risk of permanent damage because they are porous materials. We offer a professional solution to control microbial growth, clean away stains, and help get your home back to its preloss conditions using local technicians with extensive experience.

By using a local service for water damage in Colorado Springs, you can ensure that call-out times are reduced. Shorter call out times can help to guard against permanent damages, which may require more complex procedures. Use SERVPRO for assessment and remediation by calling us any time day or night on our 24-hour emergency line to arrange a visit. We can send technicians with the appropriate expertise to carry out a professional job.

Controlling microbial growth is a key duty to perform in any home emergency involving water. All types of water contain microbes, but when these damp spots come into contact with pre-existing issues in the home, there is a high chance of permanent damages occurring. In particular, it is vital to understand how we detect moisture pockets and the procedures SERVPRO can carry out to remedy them.

Thermal imaging cameras use infrared light to discover moisture that may be residing behind walls or in crawlspaces. Working from the source of the leak, usually a burst pipe or structural inconsistency, SERVPRO technicians work outwards tracing where water may have migrated. By using moisture meters, we can assess how wet hard floors, fittings, or fabrics may be, and this helps to inform our method throughout the service.

The primary method we use is placing rapid air movers at strategic points throughout the affected area. These equipment blast hot air at high speeds close to the surface level. As moisture evaporates from the surface, the moisture beneath is then pulled out of material. Typically, SERVPRO can place air-movers in combination with dehumidifiers that help to pull evaporated moisture from the air and keep humidity levels below 60%- the ideal conditions for microbial growth.

Prevent permanent property harm, contact SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 today.

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Take the Headache Out of Water Damage Restoration in Your Colorado Springs Home

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Take the Headache Out of Water Damage Restoration in Your Colorado Springs Home Water damage may seem like a small issue at first but it quickly can create chaos. Contact SERVPRO today for all remediation assistance.

Controlling Microbial Growth during Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

A water emergency can range from an immediate response to a burst pipe or a slow leak that has weakened structure or created unpleasant odors over time. Our water restoration technicians (WRT) are experts at seeking out hidden sources of moisture as well as controlling the outcomes of a potentially expensive emergency. Our experience working in this community has helped us to communicate effectively and keep you in the loop throughout service.

A property with water damage in Colorado Springs can frequently be restored to its preloss condition for careful inspection, targeted cleaning, and proper drying procedure. In today's restoration industry, water emergencies are as much about controlling microbes as they are about removing water. Microbial growth can escalate if it is not controlled from the outset through establishing normal levels of humidity.

A restorer dealing with a clean water emergency can usually deploy various equipment to encourage evaporation. These might include increasing air pressure or raising the surface temperature in targeted areas. Rapid air moves, for example, use a combination of both these elements to encourage evaporation and dry a particular area quickly. One side-effect of this approach is that it raises the humidity levels in the home.

Humidity is measured in grains (of moisture) per pound. The average household should maintain a relative humidity of between 35% and 50%. In some cases, proper drying methods can result in humidity levels increasing above 60GPP creating the perfect conditions for microbes to germinate. SERVPRO technicians use thermal hygrometers to assess humidity at all times and thereby control microbial growth.

Interestingly, a trained technician can also leverage humidity levels to bring moisture to the surface of hard floors or upholstery where it can be evaporated. Using desiccant dehumidifiers, we can lower humidity below 40GPP. Since, water moves from wet to dry, establishing low humidity can draw moisture from materials where it is exchanged with drier air.

A properly dry property is more likely to be free from microbial growth, contact SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 for expert assistance.

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Your Water Damaged Colorado Springs Shop Can Be Restored By Our Crew Of Professionals

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Your Water Damaged Colorado Springs Shop Can Be Restored By Our Crew Of Professionals You can count on the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes professionals.

Air Movers Can Dry Up Your Damaged Colorado Springs Shop

With water loss incidents being a constant threat to Colorado Springs businesses and homes, especially during the bitterly cold winter seasons, our professionals must remain prepared to handle the damaging effects at any time. With a 24/7 response to these water emergencies, our technicians can arrive with the full measure of our recovery and mitigation equipment to begin extraction and drying efforts immediately to protect your property. With shops throughout the city, water loss incidents can prove especially damaging to both the stock in your store and any neighboring stores and buildings.

Our technicians understand how critical it is to get the doors back open to your business as soon as possible, so we work to quickly address all of the water damage effects impacting your Colorado Springs building from the time that we arrive. We have a growing inventory of recovery tools to help address these concerns, including efficient drying units that can reduce moisture and saturation affecting materials and contents of the shop fast. While many tools work to help in this regard, our most commonly used unit is the high-velocity air mover.

Air movers work to force heated air into saturated materials and general moist areas of your property. These work best by directed them at the highest concentration of moisture and dampness, or to install them and run them to address the saturation of specific construction materials and flooring. As this is one of the most readily available pieces of equipment throughout our facility’s inventory, we can arrive with multiple units to use in a single recovery job.

Air movers can play a critical role in making water loss effects “Like it never even happened.” for your shop. You can count on the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes professionals. We can get reached 24/7 by calling (719) 434-4626.

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Do You Know the Signs of a Marijuana Grow House in Colorado Springs?

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazard Do You Know the Signs of a Marijuana Grow House in Colorado Springs? SERVPRO Provides Biohazardous Cleanup and Mold Remediation for Grow Houses in Colorado

Denver Police Estimate One in Ten Homes are Grow Houses in the State of Colorado

Giving a home curb appeal has always been a part of selling a home and improving the value of the property. In Colorado, the use of residential properties as illegal grow houses for marijuana is a problem on the increase that can wreck not only the value but also the physical structure. It is imperative that the property is professionally cleaned to ensure the surroundings are healthy for habitation.

What Exactly is a Grow House?
The most simple definition of a grow house in Colorado Springs is a property where marijuana is grown illegally. Because the price of renting a warehouse or commercial property is out of the reach of many illegal growers or they do not wish to invite prying eyes of nearby businesses or law enforcement, illegal marijuana growers usually rent and what the tenant has been doing often is not discovered until they move on or get busted by law enforcement.

SERVPRO states that some of the indicators that law enforcement frequently look for are large amounts of condensation on windows in one area of the home. Also, little to no activity at the property is commonly reported by neighbors. In the winter, because of the warm temperatures required for growing, the roof is often snow-free and stand out against other snow-covered roofs in the area. Also, last but not least, there is a definite odor that is the tell-tale giveaway.

What Factors Make Grow Houses Dangerous?
In the Denver area alone, an estimate by police placed one in ten homes as grow houses. This eye-opening fact means that one in ten homes purchased has the potential to have not been adequately cleaned and may still harbor serious issues when a new owner moves in. SERVPRO recommends a comprehensive home inspection should include evidence of previous illicit activity at the dwelling.

The method most often used to cultivate marijuana indoors in ample quantities is the use of hydroponics, which is the growing of plants in very little to no soil and using water. Some cultivators use large table-like structures with grow lights that replicate the various types of sunlight the plants would be exposed to outdoors. Other set-ups use bucket systems connected by tubes so they can be watered at the same time. No matter the type of cultivation operation, these plants needs high humidity and copious amounts of water which is only one of the many factors that can wreak havoc on a structure. Excess humidity leads to mold growth and potential biohazardous conditions.

What Kinds of Issues Are Seen in Colorado Homes Used as Grow Houses?
A grow house is a lot more than someone with numerous plants. Many landlords have inspected their properties after the tenant has moved out and found varying different types of damages to their properties.

The business of marijuana cultivation often requires modifications to the structure that the owner would have never approved sometimes even as extreme as the removal of walls and supporting structures. After the fact, there can be stains and foul odors in basements or rooms where growing took place that penetrated carpet, padding and porous surfaces — warped and rotten wood or sheetrock that has to be replaced.  Random cuts in walls, even brickwork for venting for the plants may have occurred. If aluminum foil was stapled to the walls and ceilings as a type of containment and concealment, that is more cleanup that can be done by SERVPRO.

There are often fire hazards from modified wiring used to hook up grow lights and other equipment, and overloaded electrical panels are standard. Also, live wires have been found lying directly on insulation where they were hastily dropped. The ductwork in the home may have been modified to route to where the grow room was housed. This is a fire waiting to happen.

How Intensive is the Clean Up for a Grow House?
To sell or reside in a property that has been used as a grow house, it must be professionally mitigated. This level of cleaning is rated as an intense Category 3, Class 4 biohazard job and should never be undertaken as a DIY project. Special equipment and cleaning solutions should be used for this type of cleanup.

It is not unusual for our SERVPRO technicians to find water damage and extensive mold growth on all surfaces in the vicinity of the grow room spreading outward. There have been cases where the mold growth was so severe; colonies were spreading through cracks in the eves, corners, and cracks on the outside of the home. Significant mold remediation is needed to restore this structure to preloss condition.

Wall cavities and the spaces between floors need to be addressed with professional-level remediation techniques that include containment, air scrubbers with HEPA filters to capture spores and EPA-registered disinfectants to return the property to sanitary conditions that are safe to live in. Strong biocides cover all exposed and voided areas.

Hydroxyl generators are frequently used to assist in the neutralization of bacteria and odors during clean up. In many cases, the ductwork needs to be cleaned entirely, and the HVAC filtration changed. Every porous surface in the home has the potential to harbor mold or odors and needs to be professionally cleaned.

What are the Signs a Property was Used as a Marijuana Grow House?
If you have recently purchased a home and see patched circular holes in floor joists or roof trusses that were previously used for venting or brickwork that has been replaced in chunks. Soffits may be stained a brownish or grayish color from previous use for venting the grow room. Stains on the flooring in rooms or basement in the areas where plant pots sat. Strange modifications to ductwork or plumbing with piping that appears to go nowhere. A lingering musty smell could mean there are mold colonies you cannot see but are actively growing within the walls or flooring.

What Should You Do If Your Property Has Been Used as A Grow House?
When you have a house that you want to rent out or sell, you know the property has to meet particular standards before you can do either. It can be overwhelming to realize the level of cleaning your property needs to return it from a category 3 water loss and biohazard rating. It is highly recommended that you outsource the job to a professional remediation company that has experience handling the particular requirements of returning properties used as grow houses to their preloss condition, so they are safe to rent to new tenants or sell to new owners. SERVPRO suggests that our experienced AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians can secure the structure and then have an Industrial Hygienist inspect and document the findings. The proper steps can prevent expensive lawsuits or other unpleasant outcomes.

When in doubt, call SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 for help with remediation and cleanup of a biohazardous situation.

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Our Quick Response Will Save Your Colorado Springs Home After A Fire

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Quick Response Will Save Your Colorado Springs Home After A Fire Contact us at (719) 434-4626 to restore your home to its pre-fire damage condition.

Why Prompt Fire Damage Cleanup For Your Colorado Springs Home Is Critical

House fires can occur due to overuse of home heating systems and appliances. Heating systems, particularly wood stoves and space heaters can ignite the nearby household items. After putting out the fire in your home, using professional fire damage restoration services can help you avoid additional destruction.
Following a fire-related accident, soot and smoke can settle on surfaces and damage the structure and contents of your home further. You can hire the professionals at SERVPRO to provide you with fire damage cleanup services for your Colorado Springs home. Our fire restoration experts have training and experience in restoring homes and their contents after fire damage.
We begin the restoration process by inspecting the affected areas to determine which processes to use. During the inspection process, we identify and address safety hazards, including electrical issues, debris removal, and air quality. We pretest the cleanability of the affected surfaces to determine which items are restorable. Our technicians also make a detailed inventory and scope of the affected areas and provide a summary of our findings. We then explain the most appropriate steps for restoration.
Our SERVPRO technicians review the extent of the smoke damage, but you and your insurance adjuster should decide on the extent of cleaning to perform. We can clean all the restorable structures and contents, and deodorize them. We utilize several methods to clean different types of personal items after a fire loss. Our technicians can use dry cleaning to remove light-to-medium non-grease based soils. We can wipe or brush the surfaces of restorable items lightly using dusting cloths or feather dusters to remove surface dust.
We can also use the wet cleaning method to remove average to substantial residues from contents. This method involves using water that may or may not contain a cleaning agent. During wet cleaning, the items being cleaned are thoroughly saturated. Our technicians can also use immersion cleaning, to clean items that can resist being saturated with the cleaning product like Venetian blinds. We dip the items into a bath containing the cleaning product.
When a fire has damaged your home, SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes can assist you with the cleanup and restoration efforts. Contact us at (719) 434-4626 to restore your home to its pre-fire damage condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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