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If Missing Shingles On Your Colorado Springs Home Have Caused Water Damage, Our Crew Can Help!

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If Missing Shingles On Your Colorado Springs Home Have Caused Water Damage, Our Crew Can Help! Give our specialists a call today at (719) 434-4626.

Missing Shingles Allow Water Damage In Your Colorado Springs Home

While storm damages can do a number on your Colorado Springs home, the winter season and its steady snowfall and freezing temperatures can often do more damage to your roof than passing torrential weather. While you cannot predict when your shingled roof would suffer the effects of freezing and ice damming that can break portions of this protective covering loose, you can know what you should do whenever these damages occur and begin to allow moisture penetration into your property.

The initial penetration of moisture can affect the roof supports and backing materials first, but water damage in your Colorado Springs home can quickly begin to spread to other areas. Without the expertise and skills, homeowners cannot seal off these penetration points to prevent further exposure to your home’s interior. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to these emergencies, and begin the necessary mitigation in your home with emergency board up and tarping services to eliminate further water penetration as the work begins inside.

We can work quickly to establish the full spread of the damage and what must occur to restore your property completely. If we can get notified of this problem quickly enough, our team can limit the spread of the damage enough to make cleanup and drying all the work that you damaged home requires to get restored. However, many times homeowners do not utilize their attic space enough to see when moisture and dampness are present, so these effects can spread throughout this area and be more challenging to overcome.

Our SERVPRO professionals arrive with advanced drying equipment like our high-velocity air movers, inject-dry system, and dehumidifiers of varying sizes. With a combination of these tools, we can quickly dry out damaged elements to determine if any of these affected construction materials require removal and replacement.

Many steps make up the recovery process when your damaged roof allows moisture penetration into the attic space. Our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes rapid response team can respond quickly to make this situation “Like it never even happened.” Give our specialists a call today at (719) 434-4626.

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Snowmelt Can Cause Water Damage in Your Colorado Springs Warehouse

3/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Snowmelt Can Cause Water Damage in Your Colorado Springs Warehouse Winter snows bring spring thaws and lots of water being added to the area.

Commercial Water Removal Specialists in Colorado Springs Talk About Common Winter Time Issues

During the winters in the Colorado Springs area, it is common to have weather that fluctuates, and temperatures outside are continually rising and dropping.  Several scenarios could force you to conduct commercial water removal at your construction company's office and warehouse. When the weather changes so drastically during the winter, one day there could be a foot of snow, then the next day it could be 50 degrees outside. When this happens, the snow can melt quickly and force water into your office or warehouse. Once water starts to flow into your business' building from the outside, it is wise to call in a professional commercial water removal company like SERVPRO.  

Even if melted snow is not an issue changing outdoor temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze and break. When pipes freeze due to outdoor temperatures dropping, calling a professional commercial water removal company in Colorado Springs such as SERVPRO can save your business and insurance company money. When the temperature drops overnight, it is possible that hundreds of gallons of water may invade your construction company's office. When an excessive amount of moisture gets into a building, it can cause several of your structural components and contents to retain moisture. If your building materials and contents inside your office and warehouse get saturated, they could get ruined if not dried out promptly.  

Another thing our SERVPRO technicians pay attention to is the temperature inside your office and warehouse. If items get wet, the drying process works more efficiently at higher temperatures. If needed, we can set up heaters that raise your building's interior temperature during the drying process.  

If contents inside your warehouse such as construction materials get wet, then we can take extra steps to dry out the materials individually. For example, we can un-stack materials like plywood and lay them out so that they dry more quickly than they would if they were stacked. We can also add more dehumidifiers to help pull moisture out of wet items. If your company's office or warehouse ever happens to suffer from water damage in the winter time, call SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626 24/7.

Colorado Springs is called Olympic City USA.  Read more here.

Water Damage and Frustration

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage and Frustration Don't let your house go down without a fight..

Water damage can be a huge frustration to most. Following the proper water damage removal steps can greatly reduce the stress from the situation.

  • Locate the water shut off ASAP. If you are not able to locate the water shut off call a plumber immediately and try and divert the water as much as possible and remove invaluable items off the floor.
  • Removing the water can sometimes be easier said than done. Sump pumps can come in very handy in times of need. Sometimes a good OL shop VAC can do the trick but is extremely time consuming. Always remember the longer the water sits the more damage it will cause. Always use caution when doing this due to the fact the water could contain hazardous material.
  • After the water is all cleaned up the next step would be to get air flowing over top of the carpet (Pending the severity of the flood) to rapidly recirculate the air.
  • Once all the air is moving it is most likely you will need a dehumidifier to pull the moisture out of the air. In turn this will help with the drying process and help prevent mold growth.

These steps are bare minimal. In turn we always recommend using a certified restoration company to insure proper remediation of any damages.  This can save 10’s of thousands of dollars if not properly done. If you need help please call us at 719-574-2789 I would be glade to walk you through all of these steps and/or we also do free estimates!

Revealed: How Changing Temperatures Can Cause Flooding in Your Colorado Springs Home

3/1/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Revealed: How Changing Temperatures Can Cause Flooding in Your Colorado Springs Home When pipes crack and break under stress, water damage and flooding can result. Contact team SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Main Line Breaks Can Flood Your Colorado Springs Home

With the fluctuating temperatures that Colorado Springs residents can expect from the fall through the late spring months, ground movement below the surface is more common than you might believe. With this movement comes a considerable strain on underground elements, particularly buried utility lines from gas and the public water system. As these shifts continue, the strain on already vulnerable points in these lines can lead to cracks, leaks, and full breaks. When a water main breaks, the high-pressure output can force several hundreds of gallons of water per minute or more.

Water from breaks follows the path of least resistance to the surface, where water then follows the easiest path towards homes, requiring an immediate need for mitigation and flood removal services in Colorado Springs. The problem with these types of flooding situations is that there is no stopping the flow of this water until those responsible for the utility arrive to shut down isolation valves for the line and repair the break. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly to continually mitigate the situation and keep the damage from getting worse until we can successfully restore the damaged areas once the water purveyors have repaired the damage to their line.

Real-time mitigation strategies often involve fast extraction from the industry-leading equipment we bring with us on our SERVPRO Green Fleet. In situations like these with continual water flow, we can offer some of our most powerful machines for the job including gas-powered pumps, commonly known as trash pumps, and our even stronger truck-mounted options.

Drying out the damaged areas can prove ineffective until the flow of the water has gotten successfully stopped by the response of the city personnel. We can install air movers and LGR or desiccant dehumidifiers to begin forcing moisture out of exposed structural elements to protect and preserve them if possible.

There are many steps to flood recovery, especially from something as damaging as a water main bursting near your home. Our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes can respond quickly. Give us a call 24/7 at (719) 434-4626.

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After A Fire Has Destroyed Your Home In Colorado Springs, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO!

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage After A Fire Has Destroyed Your Home In Colorado Springs, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO! If you need our services, call (719) 434-4626 today to set up a visit from one of our inspectors.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration For Colorado Springs Homes

In many Colorado Springs house fires, the majority of the restoration costs come from the residues left by smoke and soot when the fire is extinguished and affected items eventually cool. Where fires burn longer and very hot, there is more loss of personal and structural property.

To determine what tools, cleaners, and methods to use for restoring Colorado Springs homes after fire damage, SERVPRO restoration teams breakdown the effects into three categories. They base their decision on fire temperature, speed, and what was consumed or otherwise affected.

Minor cleaning and restoration is needed where the fire burned for only a short time, and smoke or soot residues are limited to only part of the home. Books, magazines, and other paper items are usually the only items that require disposal and replacement. Specialists wipe residues off surfaces with dry sponges and perhaps only water or a mild cleaner for thicker residue layers.

Medium cleaning and restoration is needed when the fire burns for a longer time and at higher temperatures, which physically damage more property and deposit thicker residue layers. Nearly all cleaning requires a stronger agent to break up layers, but SERVPRO team members can clean, restore, and even make minor repairs to most personal and structural property at home. Here, odors in the residues also require special cleaning agents to neutralize them, while other items directly affected by heat and flames require removal.

Major cleaning, restoration, and removal efforts are needed when the fire itself spreads through much of the home. The heat and open flames cause excessive physical damage to the home and personal property which means more requires disposal and replacement. Our offices work with the homeowner and his insurance agent to ensure everything is properly notated to ensure full payment.

In this category, many personal items may require cleaning and deodorizing methods like immersion. Accomplishing these tasks means transporting the property to our office or another location. If there is structural damage to the doors, windows, or roof, our specialists secure them with plywood sheets or tarps to prevent weather damage, animal intrusion, and trespassing after removing damaged property like furniture and wall panels.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes is to return residents to their homes as quickly as they are safe for occupation. If you need our services, call (719) 434-4626 today to set up a visit from one of our inspectors.

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All Your Mold Damage Issues Will Be Taken Care Of By Our Team Of Experts In Colorado Springs

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation All Your Mold Damage Issues Will Be Taken Care Of By Our Team Of Experts In Colorado Springs Just give us a call at (719) 434-4626 when you find an issue so we can have your property back to pre-damage.

Mold Damage Remediation For Your Colorado Springs Basement

If your basement in Colorado Springs smells musty, you do not need an air quality test to tell you there is mold growing somewhere in your moist and dark cellar. It is helpful to understand why mold grows in the first place to be able to help prevent it the next time. It is not something that you want in your home on a regular basis, as it can cause health effects.

When you do find mold and mold damage in your Colorado Springs home, you want help getting it cleaned up right away. SERVPRO is a professional remediation company who has the experience and training you want when you need assistance cleaning mold from your home. Do not try to clean the infestation yourself, as household cleaners are not strong enough for mold.

Our goal is to clean the mold from your basement and to stop the moisture issue that caused the mold infestation in the first place. Before the mold can be removed, we must contain it so that while we are cleaning, we do not spread the mold to other parts of your home. Then we begin removing the mold with different methods depending on the surface the mold is on. Non-porous materials can generally be HEPA vacuumed, and damp wiped, while some non-porous materials will have to be replaced altogether.

In your basement, one cause of mold can be poor drainage. A functioning downspout and gutter system are needed to move rainwater away from the foundation of your home. You should have a minimum of a six-foot downspout extension to get the water far enough away from your home. A slope or grade close to the foundation of your home is also essential. Any water, such as from a lawn sprinkler or rainwater, or even water used to wash your car, can accumulate close to your home’s foundation and make its way down into your basement.

Leaky pipes can also cause mold. A slow drip that is feeding the growth of mold and releasing moisture into the air can make your basement an unhealthy place to be. Warmth is also a significant cause of mold. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this. Most homes have their water heater and furnace in the cellar or basement. These items put out heat, which can provide one of the three elements that mold needs to grow.

SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes can help you clean your home in Monument, Gleneagle, or Palmer Lake of mold anytime you need. Just give us a call at (719) 434-4626 when you find an issue so we can have your property back to pre-damage.

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Don't Panic! We Can Restore Your Colorado Springs Retail Store Back To Pre-Damage Condition After A Water Damage Disaster!

1/30/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Don't Panic! We Can Restore Your Colorado Springs Retail Store Back To Pre-Damage Condition After A Water Damage Disaster! When your retail store requires professional remediation, contact SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626.

Putting Colorado Springs Retail Stores Back In Business After Commercial Water Damage

Excess water can become a health and safety concern for a retail store manager prompting temporary closure and with it a loss of revenue. Damages can be widespread especially where fabrics, upholstery or carpeting is concerned. A fast, efficient service can pay dividends in the long run and be more thorough than your in-house janitorial staff. Choosing a local company with a national reputation can help get your retail store back to business.

The primary concern when dealing with commercial water damage in Colorado Springs' retail stores is mitigating loss. Water often contains bacteria that can produce unpleasant odors or even increase the risk of mold damage. As a retail store manager, your needs are likely to be thorough cleaning, drying and odor control after a water spill.

SERVPRO uses IICRC certificate holders with training in both odor control and water cleanup. For smaller stores, we can bring in portable extraction units that can dry difficult to reach areas. In some cases, water may seep into wall cavities underneath fittings or damage your subfloor. By using the latest injectidry systems, we can ensure that residual moisture is thoroughly dried preventing unpleasant odors or mold from remaining after the service is complete.

Usually, once a property is dry, odors that come with water dissipate but not in all cases. Our odor control technicians are trained to both find the source of odor as well as decide the best way to remediate it. SERVPRO can use water or chemical-based foggers to neutralize odor particles. Where there are severe odors, we can lay pellets to help remove the smell and make the damage “Like it never even happened.” For large commercial retail stores Ozone generators can be deployed although, due to their harmful nature, we use this equipment sparingly.

SERVPRO respects your business and promises to send a highly-trained team of technicians to your property immediately upon notification of loss. If you have special requirements due to the nature of the building you can communicate them directly with a project manager at any time during the service. We operate our call-lines 24-hours a day because we know that damages do not happen in business hours.

When your retail store requires professional remediation, contact SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes at (719) 434-4626.

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Why it is Important to Remediate Water Damage Quickly in Colorado Springs

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why it is Important to Remediate Water Damage Quickly in Colorado Springs SERVPRO has the equipment necessary to quickly remove water from your home.

Why SERVPRO Reacts So Quickly to Calls Requesting Help with Water Damage in Colorado Springs

Our motto, Faster To Any Size Disaster, means we not only arrive more quickly but that we also start working faster on any homes in Colorado Springs that need restoration work. Our assessments remain thorough because our teamwork means the information-gathering period concludes earlier.  

Why else do SERVPRO teams start sooner when a house in Colorado Springs suffers from signs of water damage? Because we want to prevent the spread and worsening of water damage. Protecting otherwise undamaged areas of your home that might succumb to invasive or lost water means a lot to us. We want to help save our customers from spending for repairs that preventative work can eliminate.  

The quicker we respond to your home's emergency, the less damage can happen, because water spreads from one material to another and travels from one area of your house to other areas unhindered. Once water damaged areas show signs, it becomes more difficult to restore these areas. Visible damage often calls for more extensive restoration efforts or complete replacement of the area involved. Some damage can appear as newly created risks in the home.

 When your ceiling sags down for seemingly no reason, we check to ensure that hidden water, trapped in the area above the ceiling, does not exist. Because water weighs so much, it only takes a small amount from a leaky roof or a dripping pipe in an upstairs bathroom to collect water in a ceiling downstairs. While this water might eventually evaporate and end up elsewhere, the situation can also take a turn for the worse. Our team understands that such situations need mitigation to make the area safe again.  

Water damage can take other forms, of course, and affect almost any material inside your home which includes your personal belongings, keepsakes and mementos, furniture, and anything else under your roof. SERVPRO specialists use their skills to put a stop to water damage and make things whole again. Moving forward is an incredible necessity of life, and we help you and your family do this.  

SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes is ready every minute of every hour, year-round, to help get you through the crisis of both old and new water damage. Serving Gleneagle, Monument, and the Palmer Lake area, we are located nearby, ensuring a fast response when you need us the most. Your first step involves a quick call to us at (719) 434-4626, and we can do the rest.

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Use Our Certified SERVPRO Colorado Springs Technicians to Remediate a Water Damage Situation on Your Property

1/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Use Our Certified SERVPRO Colorado Springs Technicians to Remediate a Water Damage Situation on Your Property Water damage in your basement needs to be addressed immediately before you are facing a mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO for services.

Water Removal Services for Your Colorado Springs Home

If water has collected in the basement of your Colorado Springs home, you need to fix the issue right away. The longer the water is allowed to sit, the more damage it does to flooring, furnishings, any stored items, and the structure itself. The best solution is to seek professional help right away.
When you need water removal services in Colorado Springs for your home, turning to SERVPRO and our trained staff is the right choice to make. We have the knowledge and the equipment to dry your home back out as quickly as possible to avoid further damage being done.
One of the most destructive forces on the earth, water can create plenty of damage when it is flooding into your home. However, the real destruction occurs when the water collects and then sits for any length of time. Drywall and paint get gummy and start to dissolve. Flooring materials can warp and weather. Wood begins rotting, and mold growth can break out anywhere around or in the site of the flood. Getting the water removed right away is the first and most urgent concern of our SERVPRO techs.
Before beginning, all gas and electricity are turned off. Even if you do not have damaged utilities, it is a good idea to do this for precaution. Working in an area that is free of gas and electricity prevents any accidental injuries. Opening the windows in the basement and throughout your home helps to reduce the moisture levels and any odors that may occur.
Once all the standing water is removed with special, truck-mounted pumps, we need to start drying the area back out. If it is not thoroughly dried, you risk mold growth and damage from the extra humidity. We may also need to remove any materials and possessions which were too severely damaged to be restored. Industrial fans and dehumidifiers are used to speed up the process of drying and monitored daily to ensure the optimal drying time.
SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes works fast to dry your home in Monument, Gleneagle, or Palmer Lake back out after your basement floods for any reason. Call us at (719) 434-4626 so we can come to your rescue and stop additional damage from occurring.

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SERVPRO Says--Hey Colorado Springs Homeowners, Make Sure Your Plumbing is Protected from Freezing

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Says--Hey Colorado Springs Homeowners, Make Sure Your Plumbing is Protected from Freezing SERVPRO Says Protect Your Colorado Springs Home from Frozen Pipes

Ensuring Pipes Are Insulated in Your Colorado Springs Home

As the winter surrounds the Colorado Springs homes and properties, appreciating the effectiveness of insulation is more critical than ever. While this plays a significant role in keeping water moving throughout indoor plumbing, many homeowners fail to visually inspect exposed pipes throughout their property for wear, missing portions, or degradation. Without the full measure of insulation, steep temperature drops can wreak havoc on the internal plumbing of your property.

So how bad are frozen pipes for your Colorado Springs residence? The answer depends both on the severity of the frozen area and the age or construction of the plumbing network. The older that the system is, the more likely it is that the pipes would break or split as a result of frozen portions of line and the building up of pressure behind the dammed section.

When pipes burst as a result of freezing, you want to know that you have trained and certified professional restorers available to help you clean up the mess and return your home to its original condition, which includes reconstruction and plumbing repair. Our SERVPRO team is available 24/7 to help every customer with whatever emergency threatens their property with the full measure of our resources and a crew of highly trained specialists.

We can also help the situation by limiting the demolition of certain areas in your home to locate the line break and problem areas through the use of our advanced technology like thermal imagery cameras and leak detection audio equipment. These devices can help to identify where our SERVPRO professionals should install the drying equipment like our LGR dehumidifiers and high-powered air movers, but also identify where the rupture is in the line so that we can remove smaller portions of drywall material to access the point requiring repair.

Frozen pipes can present a serious concern for area residents as winter worsens. The best thing that you can do is to visually inspect the pipes that you can throughout your home to ensure that they have gotten wrapped with insulation material at every point. If a pipe breaks or springs a leak, you can always reach our SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs / Tri-Lakes trained professionals 24/7 at (719) 434-4626.

Keep an eye on your local weather forecast to help prevent frozen pipes.