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New Year's Resolutions

1/6/2016 (Permalink)

This past year has just closed out and into a new year we journey. Each new year brings with it a new hope,  an anticipation that this year will be better than the last, and possibly see to completion a couple of New Years Resolutions. For several years I have made or at least attempted to create a list of New Years Resolutions. But, could never seem to take it from pencil to paper to applying to my everyday life. I often failed before putting the first few words into writing since it seemed a bit hopeless in that I had not seen any type of success in the years previous. Well….last night I was reading an article that gave me a bit of hope and it might possibly stir something up in you.

Snapshot of the article….

“It is important to view one’s self and strengths to feel stronger and get personal reinforcement from small successes,” Rich Feller, a Thought Leader with Life-Reimagined (AARP), said.

What’s important to you in your 30’s may differ at a later age. The ability to reflect on your lived experiences can trigger a desire to change an attitude or behavior.

Here are resolutions to consider:

In your 30’s
1) Turn off technology and tune in to each other. Engage in more face-to-face time. Good relationships can contribute to a ‘good life’.

2) De-stress. Identify one source of stress for you. Know how your body feels when stressed and how it impacts your thoughts. List three healthy coping mechanisms and choose one to use daily.
In your 40’s
1) Do a relationship check-up. Sit down with your partner and ask three questions. Do we understand each other when we communicate? Is our relationship where we want it to be? What is one thing that each of us can do to improve our relationship. If you are single, ask the same questions of yourself. How is your communication with others? Think about an outside relationship with a family member or co-worker, and identify an action that you can do to improve a desired outcome.

2) De-clutter. Clearing out a physical space helps you relax and process with more clarity. Begin with one drawer, closet or area. Mindfully throw things away by only keeping what brings you joy or is essential to your life purpose.
In your 50’s
1) Eat this, not that! Inform yourself about your eating patterns. Keep a food journal for one week by writing down everything that you eat and drink. Reflect on it and find one thing that you can do to make your meals and eating patterns healthier.

2) Just do it! Say YES to something or someone every day for a month. Notice how it feels and the freedom of being fearless.
If you are 60+
1) Make a doable bucket list.  Don’t hold back. Choose one item from your list. Write down a date and go for it.

2) Talk to your health care provider yearly about recommended health screens. Make a commitment to schedule and complete them. Remind your loved ones to do the same.

As you make your New Year’s resolutions change your mindset from “I want” to “I am and will” because of a renewed sense of your own purpose and values. Reflect on your life and understand “the why” behind your goals.

– Janet Taylor, MD, MPH is a New York City psychiatrist and Life Reimagined Thought Leader.

Maybe I’ve been going at it all-wrong!


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